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Great experiences build great homes​

Geelong custom builders was born out of watching clients becoming lost or confused with the pre-construction process well before their project was even close to becoming a reality.

We take the stress and the unknown out of building your new home, by ensuring a smooth and detailed pre construction process.

Damian Lucas


Damian Lucus
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So often the process of building a custom home becomes an extremely stressful and often confusing time when it should be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

Geelong Custom Builders provides a service to our clients that enables them to enjoy the entire process and get the desired result, without the associated stress that comes with building a new home



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What we do

We hold your hand from the very start and guide you through the process from initial design concepts all the way through to the builder handing over a home .

Core values

We remain true to the same principles on which our company was founded. The clients need above all

Custom services built specifically for your home.

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We take pride in building beautiful custom designed homes that are environmentally friendly and sustainable yet maintain a high standard in workmanship.

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We help home owners and investors achieve their goals. Together, we make your dreams comes true.