Project info

  • Luxury home, Rural

  • Under Construction

  • Batesford

  • Desbo Building Group

Project overview

This beautiful house is being built for a beautiful family. With young children and both clients having rural roots in their blood, the decision was made to purchase their dream parcel of land and start the process of constructing their “Dream Home” in the tranquil surrounds of Batesford.

This home boasts dramatic roof lines to take advantage of the wide frontage and amazing views out over the valley. Clean lines mixed with fashionable recycled red bricks and topped by the expanse of a monument colourbond roof, this new rural property sits proudly into the landscape. Polished concrete shines proudly below the Clerestory ceiling giving a sense of space, with highlight windows providing an abundance of light.


The home is to sit into the side of a hill providing amazing unobstructed views. This has led to a few challenges in site preparation and the need to keep site costs to a minimum. The clients have also had the challenge of currently residing in an inner Melbourne apartment. Entrusting Geelong Custom Builders to lead the pre-construction process has not only provided them with the ability to be involved from afar but have peace of mind that they have someone with a local presence looking after them.

Working closely with the builder we have been able to provide the clients with all the key elements they had wished for all whilst working to a tight budget and time frames.

  • Capture the views
  • Clerestory roof
  • Polished concrete
  • Luxurious finishes


We have been able to provide to the clients, spacious, well-appointed luxury home with one of Geelong’s up and coming Custom Builders. The home will provide them with all the space required, beautiful natural light and the luxurious finish they dreamed of.