Go Green

Less impact on the planet, and your pocket.​

We all want to do our part and reduce our footprint as well as the ever-increasing energy bills. Building by incorporating sustainable solutions is no where near as costly as it once was. Expensive products have come down in price and with homes being considerably cheaper to run, now is the time to incorporate green options into your new build project.

We have builders who are committed to ensuring environmental sustainability in all of their build projects. We work with you to design you a home that has minimal environmental impact and the maximum in energy efficiency. Passive solar, optimising your site orientation and capturing any potential views, all become considerations.

The things we look for are:

  • Passive designs. Window placements and design orientation are a must
  • Sustainable materials
  • Recycled or re-used materials such as bricks and timber
  • Grey water systems
  • Solar panels and systems
  • Quality over Quantity
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